the art of dakwah


The art of dakwah.

Last week, a daurah was held at my locality. Syahadatul Haq (Witness to The Truth). It was held between sisters of Nizhniy Novgorod.

Thus, after about a month of planning, with Allah’s will, we were able to held this daurah.

Since before the daurah till today, i kept myself thinking, does these little sisters of ours actually understand the need of this daurah? why should they listen to Syahadatul Haq even though majority of them had 5-7 tests the day after? Feeling the time to study  ran out as the daurah was held, the urgency of understanding the daurah was somehow distracted.

Just like them, i was once in their position. Listening to something that somehow is not related to me as a student nor as a mutarabbi. being a student is a very hard thing and now i have a new responsibility? i am a witness.

Since when i was apposed to be a witness?

since the day i said my syahadah.

“i witness that Allah is the one and only god that i worship and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

we take this oath for granted in our daily life without realizing that during the Judgement Day, we will call to sentence by Allah. have we done our responsibilities as a witness to these words of truth?

responsibilities as a witness to the truth? the fact is now tangling in my brain. i was born as a witness with responsibilities that i am not clear about it.

what are the responsibilities?

simple. keep on spreading the words about Him and the religion that The Messenger thought upon his people, Islam.

But how?

by using all sorts of method. from words to actions, from talent to professions, from food to clothes, from a poem to a painting and many more. use all the methods as long as it is with in syara’.

for how long must i carry the responsibilites?

there is no time limit. as long as you are breathing and stepping on Allah’s land, than the responsibilities doesn’t wear off.

so, i was born to spread words about Him and Islam  with all tne methods that i know and i am capable off till the day my breath stops and my body is eaten by the earth. in other words, we live to spread everything we know about Him and Islam though we are not perfect. and since not even a single person in this world is perfect, the conclusion is we live to spread everything we know about Him and Islam.

can it be put into a much more simpler and understandable word?

sure. it is DAKWAH.

some may feel allergic or having a Bronchial Asthma attack whilst looking at the word DAKWAH. but, don’t be a drama queen.

there is a time where you are doing dakwah too without you even noticing. because the art of dakwah is subjective. only Allah knows whether you are doing DAKWAH or just doing some talking.

but remember dear sisters that i love because of Allah, a good art have an expensive price to pay. the art of Dakwah sets an expensive price for those who failed to carry out their responsibilities.

And we’re all about giving up
Things that we never thought we’d gonna say, gonna say them

It ain’t perfect, but it’s worth it
And it’s always getting better
It’s gonna take some time to get it right

Cause I’m still learning the art of DAKWAH
I’m still trying to not mess up

So whenever I stumble let me know
You need to spell it out


I’m still learning how to give
I’m not giving up

cause im still learning the art of Dakwah

I’m gonna get it sometimes, cause I’m still learning

still learning  the art of dakwah




p/s : lyric was edited from a popular english song.


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