check your iman

In the name of Allah. my One and Only.


some checking list for our iman :

  • doing ibadah but can’t really get the feeling of self-submission
  • doing a sin/sins and feel really guilty thus seek for Allah forgiveness on the spot
  • doing sin but just let it slip away this time
  • doing sin but i’m ok with it more than happy to do it again
  • doing sin and defend the sin when people disagree with it
  • spend more on dunya rather than akhirat
  • spend more time in a must things/work rather than a compulsory things/work
  • spend on things within our limit but not spending it
  • buzz our friends that we don’t usually buzz
  • forgive more often
  • start every work with the name of Allah
  • the last time you thanked to Allah for all these rahmats
  • the last time you thought about Qiamat
  • the last prayer you did
  • the last money you give for donation/infak
  • dead before dead

and when our heart doesn’t feel guilty after all the don’ts that we do it is a sign. that our heart is already filled with dark spots.

they said that our heart is our own mirror. we look at our heart to see what we are. and when the mirror is already covered with all kind of spots, be it dark or grey or what ever color it is, we can no longer see our reflection. and when we can’t see our reflection, we do anything in our way regardless the guideline that Islam has given to us. that is when, our ibadah no longer give a deep impact and sin and hell is nothing to us. Na’udzubillah.

so dear friend, check your iman yo! ( including me too)



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